WOF (Warrant of Fitness)

Things to check on your car:

WOF inspections times have changed now.
The time distance between wofs has doubled to 12 months for vehicles year 2000 and on, later models under 3 years old is every 36 months, under 2000 is still 6 months.
Safety is very important to vehicles on the road, it doesn't take long to give your car a quick safety check yourself.


1. Minimum tread depth is still1.5 mm, the more tread depth the better and safer you will be. We can measure them for you.
2. Tyre pressure is very important, low tyre pressure can make your car drift across the road on corners.
An average tyre pressure for medium size car is approx 35lbs.
3. Visual checks for cuts or cracks and sharp objects sticking out.


1. Wiper blades can be replaced easily if they aren't wiping your screen properly in the wet.
2. Make sure your window washer bottle is topped up.


1. Get someone to walk around your vehicle to check your lights are all working as these are hard to check by yourself.
2. Check for cracks and broken lenses.

Things you can check when driving:

These things can be serious so make sure you take your car to a mechanic if you notice them or anything else unusual.


1: Brake peddle feels spongy
2. There is a squeaky noise or grinding noise when braking
3. The steering wheel pulls to one side when braking
4. The brake peddle vibrates or pulses when braking


1. The steering has excessive free play
2. The steering wheel shakes at certain speeds
3. Your car seems unstable on rough on unsealed roads
4. Your car continues to rock after coming to a standstill
5. Listen for unusual noises, they usually indicate something is wrong

If you have any unusual things your not sure about ring us or bring your vehicle in and we will inspect it for you. Servicing vehicles between wof inspections is a good safety strategy. The service covers every detail on your car and comes with an inspection service sheet report and comments.
You might only want a couple of minor things checked, we can help you with that.


Police will be carrying out regular road side checks to make sure cars are road worthy, and have a current warrant of fitness.


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